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The UN published standard brought down to earth. Simple to read. Thirty-eight parts into one. Real world named. Pruned to what matters. Paper CMR mapped.

Gordian e*CMR XSD

Industry standard digital e*CMR published and received no matter the "back end" systems in place or databases used.

"Point to Point"

Choose the Gordian e*CMR elements you want to fill or use with your existing forwarding solutions. You get an  Excel worksheet to customise.

Gordian e*CMR Mapings

Bind the Gordian e*CMR to the data sources of your choice; use Excel data binding to fill the form

"Choose your Data"

e*CMR  XML Tables

Everything is a column in your own e*CMR  Excel XML Table. Import and Export to your existing Freight data sources.

Microsoft e*Signature Ready

To create a digital signature, you have to have a signing certificate, issued by a certification authority, this is an "add on"

"We use Microsoft Excel as our technical platform. "

All validated using our Data Diagnostics to ensure confidence in the consignmnet data you. share

Gordian DQ Firewall

Bar Code Enabled

Gordian e*CMR uses Excel's in-built barde code capabilities.

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