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Gordian knot .... the ram: namespace

The first shock for the unitiated when looking at the UN/CEFACT XSD standard is there is only 50 or so lines in the e-CMR one. This is because everything is buried in the namespaces. The true element definitions are in the "ram:". The true eCMR standard explodes through multiple layers of nested complex types. It's not that simple. Your path will be convoluted. There are recursive calls to shared complex types that take you down blind alleys. These are also nested. The bottom line is it's complicated but it's not you it's the code. Why is it like that? You need to bear in mind that eCMR is part of a 15 years in the making EDI standards set. The scripting approach worked when the user was writing point to point mainframe to mainframe enterprise level "coms". e-CMR is not that. Firstly the UN CMR is for a huge distributed network and secondly REST API's don't suit the ways things were scripted way back then. Re-Use coding based on a shared script library loses the ability to have local context related tweaks.

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