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A  point-to-point UN/CEFACT e*CMR solution for small businesses everywhere. 


"Future Proof" how you do CMR today. Your freight systems stay the same."

A dedicated member area to manage share you CMR and collaborate real-time. 

e*CMR Tool Kit

Freight consignment  carried by lorry to or from a UN CMR signatory country need a CMR, currently paper but soon to be eCMR.  

Thirty four countries have already ratified eCMR, including most  EU member states and the United Kingdom.

The clock is ticking down to make digital consignment notes mandatory for all trade with and across EU member states by 2026.


eCMR for faster loading, drop off and departures

Consignment details once captured stay digital all the way. 

Gordian is building a unique set of easy to install and use UN/CEFACT e-CMR data tools.

e*CMR XML documents that are "out of the box" pan-global Border and Regulatory Agency ready.

e*Trade Innovation

Gordian has produced a unique e*CMR data interoperability asset.

A UN/CEFACT compliant e*CMR mediation schema.

Business friendly consignment data sharing infrastructure 


 e*CMR Schema

We are unique in implementing UN/CEFACT eCMR recommendation.

 We want to build  the right digital solution to give you the  e*Freight Documents you need.


Collaborate with us to get our e*CMR user experience just right.


Help us build the e* Freight data exchange solutions to fit what you do.

Gordian eCMR is free at point of use. A small monthly subscription allows unlimited eCMRs

Gordian e*CMR subscribers do not pay individual transaction charges.

Signing-up costs twenty-five Euros. This buys a Gordian e*Freight spreadsheet with our e*CMR tools inside.

Twenty Euros a month keeps it working.

Gordian e*CMR Spreadsheets

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